Packaging Software

Brain Software is announcing  version 5 of the Packaging System. This powerful application has been in use since 2002 and version 5 adds several enhancements to ease of use, performance and support for Windows 10, dashboard running in a browser, option to not validate weight, etc etc.

The system uses three modules: Administration, Production and Dashboard.

These are screen samples of the new version:

Visual Help for Operator

A compact and easy to install USB single LED  light capable to show several colors helps the operator to maintain his sight on the items he's packaging in and just see the reflex of the light to know if a warning has occurred.

Planned Updates for version 6

Version 6 will have a large number of updates:

Label Printing Enhancements

We are working to add more labeling functions to the Packaging System. It will print any label at any point in the packaging sequence to identify any component or print a list of the items in the box. Useful if you need to include serial numbers.

Weighting Scale Is Optional

You can choose not to use the weighting scale to advance to the next sequence by installing a mechanical trigger, switch or by validating the label of the item to call the next sequence.

... and many more...

Main features are:

  • Runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10. 32 and 64 bit versions are available.
  • The system uses MS-SQL Server, although it can be modified to use Oracle or almost any other relational database.
  • Custom modifications and source code are available. A modified Software as a Service (SaaS) model is available.

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