About Us

Brain Software is a private engineering firm specialized in the development of industrial oriented applications that match our clients’ specific requirements drawing on both the latest technology and the most stable and effective development platforms.

Since its inception 24 years ago, Brain Software has a strongly established reputation and our expertise provides the competitive edge our clients require. We continuously innovate and develop our know-how so our clients can rely on our rapidly developed and highly reliable services and solutions.

The success of our software solutions has given our firm a leading position in the local industrial sector, as well as a favorable market image in the business sector.

Our mission is to provide manufacturing companies software solutions designed to efficiently accomplish their operational tasks, leading them to increased efficiency and gaining competitive advantage in their own markets by improving bottom line results.

We seek to build business relationships based on integrity and value and look forward to have a long-term commitment with our customers and their projects.

As your strategic partner, we take a hands-on approach, working directly with you from initial planning through implementation, training and ongoing support. There are no substitutes for working directly with the seniors developers.

We realize our own success depends on yours, with more than two decades experience creating, implementing and supporting industrial software applications, we provide you with unmatched industry knowledge, expert resources and timely response.

Our clients are global companies, process manufacturers, engineering companies, services firms and startup-companies.

We only sell through our authorized distributors

Warranty, support and technical assistance requests can be attended by Brain Software

You can contact us at brain.info@brainsoftware.net